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Retail Systems

De Lande’s experience in the specification and implementation of systems to support retailing channels has recently been utilised in Tram in the Midlands and in the formulation of content for bid work across multimodal transport services.

Budgeting and Cost Control

De Lande is experienced in conducting analyses of IT systems, serrvices and budgets within the Transport sector.  A recent cost review of the IT budget of a £.5bn turnover company, identified cost savings equating to 8% of annual recurrent expenditure.  De Lande is currently working with Keolis on an international  IT review

We are well-versed in determining areas and associated levels of risk linked to day-to-day IT operation and project implementation.  Risk analysis has been undertaken across a range of projects and used as a tool to identify mitigating actions and to communicate requirements to senior management.

Supplier Relationship Mgt. Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Risk Management

De Lande has worked extensively to identify KPIs relevant to IT service provision within the transport sector, and has undertaken work for a FTSE 100 transport group in this area.  De Lande has the key capability to translate various indicators and raw or half-formatted data into management reports that have impact both visually, and in content.

Performance Monitoring

A range of complex  IT Projects have been implemented over the past 7 years.  The mobilisation of London Midland required the splicing and reconfiguration of multiple rail industry systems across 5 different companies, using a large raft of suppliers. Working within rigid timescales, De Lande delivered this process on time and within budget.

We have experience.  We look beyond the horizon.  We don’t use jargon, and our reports are of the highest quality.  We have good relationships with suppliers.  We save time.  We help you to succeed. We want you to succeed.

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We have experience in conducting full organisational reviews, developing revised structures, and moving to implementation in accordance with current employee legislation and best practice.

Organisational Transformation

Project/Programme Mgt.

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